Kaylyn + Geoff


I think we would all agree that our new normal has brought tumultuous changes. However, there are constants in our lives and one of them is love. Kaylyn + Geoff expressed that they could have waited longer to marry and had a huge celebration, but they decided to elope and become husband and wife now instead of later. It is a beautiful gesture of love for one another to prioritize a union over a big celebration. They invited their closest friends and family members to witness their wedding ceremony at a beautiful park near their home. The guest of honor were their three handsome sons. Kaylyn + Geoff thank you for allowing us to capture your special day.


It is time for the beautiful bride to join her groom. The day was very beautiful. Full sun and blue skies were above us and it made the scenery even more spectacular. Everyone waited with anticipation for Kaylyn. One of my favorite moments is Kaylyn walking with her dad, just look at the way he looks at her. Also Geoff and their boys looking at this beautiful bride making her way to her soon to be husband. It is such an exciting time when two people make vows of marriage to each other.


During a wedding day there is always a tight timeline. However, we recommend to our clients to give us some time to capture some romantic moments as newly weds. Kaylyn + Geoff did just so. We spent several minutes within exploring this beautiful park and taking breathtaking pictures of them. First, we began with the boys and later it was just our sweet couple. These moments are worth investing time on.