Outdoor sessions

Compliment Colors
Are you ready to have some fun? It is your day and your chance to get some great pictures. We encourage you to use complimentary colors  that will compliment each other instead of matching the exact colors (don't do all white for example). You are welcome to bring a second change of clothes, it can be casual but keep in mind that you still want to look your best. Think of it as a fun time to dress up and look your best.

Accessories are you friend and we want you to bring them along  to stylize your shoot, from earrings to bracelets and head bands, your photos will have more variety. If your session will take place during the fall, be sure to also bring a blanket, sweaters, hats, scarfs, anything that will enhance the look. Can't decide which accessory to go with your outfit? Bring several options and we will help you put it together. You can never have too many accessories!

Be Energized
The entire portrait session will last between 40 to 60 minutes.  At the end of every session I look at my clients and see that they have had fun, but modeling to the camera takes a lot of energy. For this reason we encourage you to grab something light to eat or have a protein bar with you, it will sure help with the cravings in the case you get hungry. This will help with your energy and maintain a positive fun mood. Drink plenty of water, carry a cooler with several bottles, to stay hydrated and make your time enjoyable.



In-home sessions

Preparing your home
• Clear floors and surfaces of clutter, and remove any items you don’t want appearing in photographs.

• Vacuum, dust, make beds, and generally clean your home. This will ensure that all surfaces gleam and sparkle in the photographs!

• I will select rooms with plenty of natural light for our photography. Even if a space looks uninteresting to you, if it’s full of beautiful light, include it in your cleaning!

• If you choose not to clean and prefer professional retouching services on your photos later, my retouching fee begins at $60 per hour.

Don’t forget the wardrobe
What you decide to wear can make or break a session, Pinterest is a great solution for making collections for excellent wardrobe choices. It will give you an idea of what looks great on camera. Be sure to edit the pins’ default description in place so you know exactly why a particular outfit was pinned and why you are suggesting it.




Newborn sessions take place in your own home within 14 days of birth. It is very important to be within this age as posing newborns becomes much more difficult past 2 weeks, as their wakeful stages begin to increase. Since your baby will be wrapped in very little clothing, it is recommended to keep the room at a very warm 80 degrees, use of a space heater will help keep the temperature in check. The session can last more than an hour as newborns are in their own schedule and it is not possible to get the necessary photos in less time.



Tips to follow

Sleep - Try to get a lot of REST the night before your session and don’t stress over it.  Relax and remember to enjoy yourself during your photo session. :)

Skin – In the summer months we all love to get  sun kissed tans. However, it can quickly become a sunburn or unwanted tan lines that show. In this case we are fine with rescheduling so that your skin does not look  too red or peeling in the pictures.

Hair - An important detail to take in to account is your hairstyle. We recommend for a professional stylist to do you hair or if you prefer to do it yourself then we encourage you to practice it well before the session. Remember to use products such as hairspray to keep the style in place and take in to consideration the weather.

Makeup - I often hear from our clients that they prefer the more natural look and we love that look as well. However, even a natural look requires a lot of coverage. Do not be afraid to wear more make up the day of your session. Please use care while applying eye makeup (eye liner, mascara), as your eyes will be the focal point of many of your photos. A good tip is to use cucumber slices or eye masks on the under eye area before applying the eye make up to lessen any puffiness you may conscious of. Better yet, use our recommend make up artist!

Nails - Be sure your nails are done and picture ready. Same applies to toenails if you are wearing open-toed shoes. We might do some bare-feet shots also, so make sure your feet look their best! 

Glasses - I love glasses and am perfectly fine with taking pictures of you with them, but some glasses do create glares. If you are okay with contacts then I encourage you to wear them or have them handy so that we can get some portraits with and without glasses. In the event that there is  glass glare, I can remove it when editing for $20 per image. Glare will not be removed from proofs.

Braces – Braces will not be removed from proofs, but can be removed from your portrait order at a charge of $20 per image.

Acne - Don't worry about having a few blemishes! These will be removed during retouching on any prints you order from us. Our recommended stylist is skilled in covering acne and can be added to your session as an upgrade (see pricing) to make you feel extra picture ready.

Scars/Birth marks/severe acne - Scars/birth marks will be removed only at your request.  Extensive retouching is available at a cost.



Q. & A.

Q: Where will the session take place?
All portraits are photographed on-location, I have a list of favorite places that you will receive after booking with us.

Q: What should I wear?
What you wear is entirely up to you, but I recommend colors that compliment each other. Create a theme and shop for clothing and accessories that will look great together.

Q. Can I bring a friend or family with me?
Yes! Feel free to bring someone to cheer for you during the photo shoot. I've had several clients tell me that bringing their best friend was the best thing they could have done for encouragement and help them feel more at ease.

Q: What's the next step to book?
First email me to request availability, then you will receive a link with all the details to book your appointment online. A retainer of 50% and a signed agreement is required.