Smash the Cake

This session was full of awesome moments and it was all thanks to Poppy's parents. They put together such a sweet set up for their little princess. She did not know the surprise that awaited her, but before we get to that moment lets explore the first backdrop they put together for her. It was such a clever, colorful, and fun idea Poppy's mom had with the basket, balloons, blanket, and letters. I loved how much fun Poppy had exploring this moment.

Baby Girl

Poppy is such a sweet little inquisitive baby girl. She knows she can crawl and get away from us and that is what made these moments extra special. I get to capture her this little and explore with her as I follow her with my camera.

Outdoor Photography

Grandma sent this beautiful chandelier and asked if it was possible to implement it in Poppy's photos, my answer, YES!! I had Poppy's dad and my husband hang it over a branch and with the beautiful bench it made it for a perfect backdrop. I love all the ideas that were brought to this session and welcome all my clients to make their session unique!

Time to Smash the Cake

Let there be cake. OH YES!!! This cake was beyond fantastic and it was made by Cakes by Gina. When Poppy saw the cake she immediately crawled to it and there was no stoping her. It was actually sweet to see how captivated she was by it. I mean, I don't blame her I think we were all captivated by this beautiful cake. Also the fun balloon arch mom and dad set up added an extra element to the pictures.