Dec 29 - Written by Ana Garcia

sister, sister

The bond between two sisters —twins at that, is strong and meaningful. Being able to have someone who loves you unconditionally and experience life right by your side makes it that more enjoyable. These two were filled with so much joy and excitement, each picture was a treasure!

We couldn’t help but pose them as the princesses that they were. Their flower crowns were true to their beautiful innocence. The beauty of their story is that it’s going to continue to evolve as they experience the wonders of the world.

The room was filled with twinkly eyes and bright smile this day! Despite the hyperactivity that can’t be helped at such a joyous age, they were able to show off their poise and smile widely at the camera. Such heartfelt memories that capture the pure happiness of sisterly love!

Each hug, laugh, and hand-hold was such a sweet witness between the sisters. It was beautiful seeing them embrace the moment and enjoying each other’s love. They can look back on these photos as they grow up together and celebrate the bond that makes them sisters.


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