I am exited for our session. I am humbled that you have selected us as your photographers. I am also excited that you are ready to refresh your images at home! This guide is to share my perspective as a photographer and show styles that can elevate your pictures.

You have made an investment on us and we want to give you the best product in return.


It is all in the details. Make accessories your friend. If you are not use to hats, then perhaps give them a chance, you will be surprised of how one accessory can bring a new vibe to your portraits. Explore with jewelry, long earrings, bracelets, and layered necklaces. For our gents I also encourage you to also use accesories. You may ask, what accessories? Well gents, a nice blazer is a great option. Also a watch, cuff links, and a fresh pair of sleek shoes can add style to your look. Layers are also very flattering for both genders.

Seek new styles that make you feel like you belong on the cover of a magazine. Complement each other's outfit with color blocking. Make it a fashionable experience!

Hair + Skin + Nails

I recommend hydrating your skin. Water is your best friend and one of the best ways to keep skin hydrated. With this heat and humidity in Houston I also recommend a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type. For locks, I encourage you to explore different styles weeks before the photo session. See what your hair may do with the humidity and apply products that may help with maintaining the style. A lot of my clients love to use a professional hair and make up artist and I say go for it! Allow the expert to make you look and feel extra fabulous.

Don't forget to have well manicure nails to show off your ring to the camera!


Yes, love is part of my style guide. It is such a big part of getting amazing pictures. All the loving emotions exchanged with each other in front of my camera creates AMAZING images. I encourage you to have fun, laugh, even tickle each other. It may be a bit nerve wrecking having a camera in front of you, but as hard as it may feel, pretend I am not there. This is your moment to enjoy with each other!